During cold weather times, my favorite thing to do is knit. This shawl was knit with one of those balls that change color. While knitting, the shawl keeps you warm.


Year in Stitch

Fly stitch is the main one on this square with French knots to accent. Buttonhole stitch attaches it to the background. Chain stitch is next to the sequin.


I’ve been using the little batik squares that I’ve collected by hand stitching over the design and setting them into little quilts. This oneĀ  is only 6 by 6″. The quilting was done by machine.

Bead Journal Project

February to me means Valentine’s Day, hearts and my anniversary. I liked the purple hearts and didn’t have red ones. The stitches are Back stitch and Stop stitch. The beads are seed beads in sizes 8, 10, and 11 and the hearts.


This is the top of a Brioche hat that was the third lesson at Blizzard Yarn and Fiber-my local yarn shop and a fun place.

Brioche is a challenge but satisfying to knit. Below is the side.Brioche Hat