Year in Stitch

I cut the teardrop shape then repeated it to form this motif. It’s done in Chain Stitch, Straight stitch and Trellis work using perle cotton and hand painted embroidery floss.


This silk painting was done by Lynda Brothers who was my partner in a marbling business when my husband worked in Southern California. It was one of her teaching samples which she gave to me when she had too many of them-very lucky for me.

I stitched over all the gutta lines and machine quilted it.

Year in Stitch

This time I started with a button held down with perle cotton. Rows of Fly Stitch surround it accented by French Knots and Straight stitch.  The very first row around the button is Chain Stitch to give me something to space the Fly Stitch.


I went to a trunk show at Blizzard Yarn and Fiber-a wonderful shop in Vancouver-and fell in love with the red yarns-one more or less solid and the companion one variegated.

This is the shawl I knitted from them.

Year in Stitch

These are the next two motifs. The upper one I decided to do with random stitch lengths but don’t like it as well as the balanced stitches-good place to learn those things. It is long stemmed French Knots, Chain stitch, regular French Knots, and straight stitch.

The lower motif starts with a Lazy Daisy flower with a French Knot center followed by Buttonhole stitch, Fly stitch, Straight stitch and more French knots.

The threads are a mix of Perle cotton and matt silk.

Bead Journal Project

This postcard sized piece I call Fire. I spent a lot of time nursing the wood stove this winter-glad I have it.

The fabric is a hand dye; the beads sizes 8 amd 10 plus the larger focal beads. The edging is picot stitch.

Year in Stitch

The next motif started with a shisha using a sequin. It is surrounded by cretan stitch and French Knots. I used embroidery floss, perle cotton and a heavier cotton that was in my stash and not labeled.

This has been a relaxing project.