Year in Stitch

I’m still stitching but after that intense piece, this next one is simpler. I’m hooked on bits and pieces and seeing what I can do with them. At a show I bought scraps from a weaver. The background is a larger piece from the packet. I applied felt circles to it and embroidered on the felt with Chain Stitch, Buttonhole stitch and Fly stitch using perle cotton and embroidery floss. It will be a tote.



I took a class at my local knitting shop Blizzard Yarn and Fiber on one color Brioche and am hooked. It’s challenging enough to keep you interested and fun to knit.

Year in Stitch

This is a photo of the 40 cm by 40 cm(16″ by 16″) piece that is now completed and needing to be mounted. It was fun to do. At first it was to be smaller but seemed to grow without my having anything to say about it.

It seems overwhelming, but a section a day made it doable and quite fun.

Charity Quilt top

Another one finished. I usually have one up on my design wall and sew seams while also sewing other things then everything gets ironed and pinned for the next sewing session.

The scraps I’m trying to use up seem to not get used up.

Year in Stitch

The last section of the 40 cm by 40 cm or 16″ by 16″ piece. now just to mount it once I find the canvas that I put in a “safe” place.

The top circle is a Needle Woven flower surrounded by chain stitch. The bottom circle is a button with stem and chain stitch rings around it. Straight stitches are used for accents. The thread are perle cotton. The red is hand painted.

Bead Journal Project

I don’t like my photo but after spending more time than I care to, I’m posting it as corrected. I’d rather bead and stitch than argue with the computer.

This is all in seed beads of sizes 8, 10, and 11 using back stitch and the picot stitch on the edge. The cabochon seemed to want to have the single stitch beads on the background.

Year in Stitch

Another of the final groupings for my piece. On the left I used a weirdly shaped button and added chain stitching around it.

Next is circle using chain stitch and buttonhole with a red/orange bracket  around it.

The third one features another button, with French knots, chain stitch and stem stitch.

T he applique has a French knot center, straight stitches and buttonhole

And lastly the teardrop has rows of Herringbone stitch and stem stitch with the outer edge being Chain stitch.

The threads are perle cotton, crochet cotton and embroidery floss/