Year in stitch

One time I actually figured out how to post two photos but it’s beyond me today, so here is the back.


Year in Stitch

This is what I did with the stitched felted circles and the woven scraps. The handle is a drapery tie back that I bought when a fabric store went out of business knowing I would need it for something at some point.

Quilted hanging

I decided it was time to use up some of the batik squares I always buy and did this hanging. The greenish square really is the same as the others but with hand dyes, things can look different.

Year in Stitch

Perle cotton and embroidery floss for this circle using Chain stitch, Buttonhole stitch, Stem stitch and Herringbone. Now to make the bag.


This shawl was made with one of those balls that are dyed so the colors change as you knit a section. The lace pattern was simple enough that I didn’t get lost.

Bead Journal Project

I think I want the flowers back. It’s rainy and gray today.

I uses a piece of fabric that I painted for the background. I’m always buying the cool shapes and rarely using them, so it was nice to find some in my stash that could indicate flowers and leaves.

The center is stacked stitch with size 8 seed beads topped with size 11’s. The stem is made using the same beads and back stitch. The edge is picot stitch.