Fabric Book

I took the photograph of a door that interested me when we were in Germany and did variations to make a book. The size of the tie makes me want to make more door pages! I love architecture.

The top is a sheer in the shape of the door and it’s surround and machine quilted to add the details.

The second is a photo transfer, also machine quilted.

The last is more abstract using the shape and negative shape to create the design.

The edges are zigzagged and have machine eyelets to make the holes for the cord holding the pages together.

Door 3door 4


Year in Stitch

I’m almost done with the second flower from a print fused to a batik background.I used Back Stitch, Buttonhole Stitch, Chain Stitch and French Knots.

Quilted Hanging

Years ago I took a workshop in Portland with Beth Kennedy and we made a stencil using a file folder and net. After cutting the folder, we glued it together with the net and painted it with acrylic paint to make it stronger.

I used the stencil to do two pieces of cotton, reversed the sides and did two more-washing and drying between times. I hand stitched the 4 pieces together to be sure they would line up and machine quilted it.

Year in Stitch

The flower is fused to the background and is from a batik print. I embroidered over the edges and main parts of the design. I used Buttonhole Stitch, Chain Stitch, Stem Stitch and French Knots.


A couple of weeks ago a friend had a group of us over for a Natural Dye Day. It’s always fun to be in her barn dyeing fiber. We did Onions skins-yellow and red, Pokeberry plain and with vinegar, Horsetail rushes, Madder, Alkenet , Sandalwood and two more that I can’t remember.  I now have them carded and want to use the blending board to make mixes to spin.

Year in Stitch

The fourth and last green lady in the Crazy Quilt blocks. Now to do something with them. The threads are perle cotton and embroidery floss.

Silk Fusion Cards

We went to the McThread Art Work gallery in Longview again and I couldn’t resist these cards. I kept finding more that I wanted but made myself stop at 3-only needed l! It is so relaxing and inspiring to go to Linda McCord’s gallery.