Bead Journal Project

More flowers. With all the rain we have been having, the flowers are having a hard time surviving! The round disks stared the piece and are held in place by thread and seed beads. The extra beads between the “petals” seemed necessary.

The stem is size 8 and 11 seed beads done with back stitch. The leaves are held in place with seed beads.

Year in Stitch

Here is a simpler motif using Buttonhole stitch and chain stitch with French Knots as the center of the flower Just the Blue thread is hand painted.

Gathering of the Guilds

A friend and I went to Gathering of the Guilds in Portland, Oregon yesterday. It’s a free event that features lots of the local guilds. It’s big, so we concentrated on the Weaving, beading, and Glass work areas. The fabrics are hand dyes silks-scarf length in bundles of 6. I found 4 of the glass blobs I like to work with and lots of beads. The finding is a series of posts, so you can mount a special beads or group of beads and put them on a cord to wear, then change them out for the next piece you want for a different outfit. It was a fun day.

Year in Stitch

More stitching motifs around my original piece. I’m trying to add buttons in several places. I’m still using the same colors and stitches.

Year in Stitch

The color palette is determined now and I want to repeat shapes or variations of them, so the piece lots organized. It’s getting done but there still is a lot of space on the edges to reach the 16″ by 16″ square that I want.