Painting threads When

When I first painted some thread, most of the color washed out. I needed to figure out how to fix that as vibrant color is my thing. I used to dye fabrics and realized that while I either washed the fabrics or used prepared for dye fabrics, I wasn’t doing that with the threads.

Even though paint sits on the surface, I thought the answer might be to wash the threads first. I hank the thread, tie it like you see the yarn tied, so it doesn’t knot up and become a mess. In a bowl I put a little mild soap and gently swish the thread around. I rinse it the same way and pat it to get part of the water out.

I like to paint wet thread as the paint moves more and creates nicer colorations. I hope that helps anyone diving into painting instead of dyeing.


One thought on “Painting threads When

  1. Appreciate the additional tips….will probably use my painted threads on items that will not see the washer at all! I’m going to try ‘heat setting’ mine in the microwave…I’m thinking 30 sec increments.

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