Welcome to 2017. I started the day with 3″ of snow and a power outage. Yesterday I made a fire in the wood stove just fine. Today was a challenge but I didn’t give up and it’s burning nicely now. The power was only out for about an hour, so Thank You Clark County Public Utilities people. They always do a good job.

I had made this purse a while ago and finally made a handle for it from braided rattail cord and beads. It took a knot before and after the bead to keep it in place but made a more interesting cord.

The purse is a machine quilted satin. The flower and leaves have Texture Magic in them, so after stitching, I steamed them so they would crinkle. An old button is the flower center.

When I lived in Montana, snow was no big deal and didn’t stop anything. In the Pacific NW, it is wetter and everything stop. But then, when we were in California, rain made everything get cancelled. Every area has it’s challenges. I’m just glad that I can stay home.




2 thoughts on “Purse

  1. Hope you had a nice Christmas Sandy & all the best for a happy, healthy & creative 2017! Your purse looks lovely with the purple flower & cord.

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