Mixed Media

I had painted, cut and folded pages left from an Art and Soul class years ago and decided to make mini books from them. I used the beads that were in the bead soup I keep on my working table(formerly the dining room table) in case I need a random bead.

They are 3 by 4 inches and will make fun gifts. It pays to keep everything. Sooner or later I find a use for them. They also make a good starting point when I’m not feeling creative.

I’m in the NW US and getting as much done before the second Pacific storm that’s supposed to be even worse than yesterday’s and cause power outages. I’ve washed up everything, filled containers with water, Put all loose things in the barn, have candles, wood for the wood stove, and have flash lights.


4 thoughts on “Mixed Media

  1. I hope the worst of the storm has missed you. We prepared for the hurricane down here in Florida and we lucky that it changed route before it got too close to us. Hope you’re just as lucky!

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