This is the first scarf I’ve knitted using the pattern from the machine knitting class at  It’s wool in white with a finer gray thread wrapping the white yarn. It was fun to do but doesn’t show the pattern of short rows, so I’m trying another in a variegated blue yarn.


5 thoughts on “Knitting

  1. Sandy you’ve done a few Craftsy classes now – would you recommend them? I especially liked that piece you made in a Craftsy class which looked like a lattice with square holes. I think that would also look great felted up. Do you remember the class’ name? Thanks kindly in advance!

    • I hope this gets to you but am never sure on a computer. The holey pieces were from Innovative Openwork. It was a nice technique. All the classes are good but some met my interests better than other-learned from all of them. Seamless Crazy Lace cardigan was good for designing a sweater to the type you want and for a good fit. I made 4 and will do more.

      • Thanks so kindly for replying. Innovative Openwork – yes, that was it! I’ll also check out the seamless cardie you mentioned, it must indeed be worthwhile if you made 4 and plan for more! Thanks again.

    • An added thought. If you want to see if this method of learning is for you, there are lots of free mini classes to try. The instructor doesn’t have to respond to questions but others interact. I’ve gotten a lot out of them.

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