Bead Journal Project

The last one for another year. I have been doing this since the very beginning and always enjoyed it.

The beaded large piece was done separately and sitched on the hand dyed cotton fabric. The rest were done on the fabric using back stitch. The beads are seed beads in sizes 8 and 11 plus the focal larger beads.


Year in Stitch

The blog changed itself again, so here’s hoping it works.

The ribbon piece is done as a small wall hanging-about 20″ by 30″. On to the next stitched piece.

Quilted Hanging

Going through another box, I found the red pieced fabric with the discharged areas. It was something I did with two friends years ago. It spoke to me, so I added the green hand dyed.

I’m always making little components in my spare time and had just finished the beading around the amber colored glass pieces. They seemed to fit on the piece. I machine couched the metallics threads which did the quilting. The binding is a batik. The piece is about 15″ square.

Charity Quilt top

I was so frustrated this weekend, because the blog wouldn’t let me post. I’ve pushed about every button on the computer hoping I didn’t destroy something else. This morning it works-don’t know why. If I disappear, I’ll post on Facebook and not worry about the blog-life is too short to get hung up on the things that really aren’t that important. I like blogging to keep in touch with people and to make me create so I have something to show.

This is the latest charity quilt top. I was going through things and found a few blocks, so I decided to add to them with enough blocks to make the top. I hope this will bring joy to someone’s life.


Year in Stitch

I’ve always wanted to do a hanging with ribbons, so the time was right. After arranging and pinning the ribbons, I sewed them down with sewing thread. I like things to stay in place while I stitch. Then I started to use decorative stitches to accent the ribbons.

I used Buttonhole stitch, Fly stitch, Herringbone stitch so far with perle cotton, matt silk and embroidery floss.

Free Machine Embroidery

After watching a DVD by Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn, I had to experiment.

Sulky put out a sticky water soluble product that you can lay things on cover with the clear water soluble stabilizer, then machine. When done, both stabilizers can be washed out although it did take more effort than lighter stabilizers.

I lay come artificial flowers on the backing then machine a lot. After the stabilizers were washed out, I added grosgrain ribbon to the top to make the hanging.