Year in Stitch

Now I’m back to doing Shisha this time using a large sequin as the center. It is a textured one and doesn’t photograph well. I used Cretan stitch to hold it in place-I don’t use glue. Then rows of Cretan and Fly Stitch. It is attached to a larger piece of wool with Buttonhole stitch and will become a wall hanging when done.


Boro Hanging

It’s not quite Boro, because the only stitching is by hand to sew the raw edge pieces to the discharged background, but I didn’t want to cover the background. The pieces are leftovers from my dyed or painted fabrics.

The background has memories of discharging fabrics in a back yard with two friends and how excited we got with the results. We were wearing aprons, gloves, and masks as bleach isn’t fun to be around.


This is a needlecase I made for a friend. The background is needle felted with the circles of felt needled on top and then stitch around. The pages are flannel with the edges cut with pinking shears. I hope she likes it.

Bead Journal Project

Here is December and another year gone. Now I need to think of something different for next year. I like Mother of pearl shapes and used them to make a flower along with size 11 seed beads. Back stitch makes the lines of stitching and picot the edging.

Stitching and Quilting

The center square with it’s stitching is an ethnic piece I purchased at a craft show. I felt that he needed a bush to hide in and used Feather stitch to do the stitching on the left side. Then the bush needed some ground to grow in that was stitched with Stem stitch. Both threads are some I hand painted and are perle cotton.

The quilting is by machine. The piece is 13″ square.


I do like doing Brioche knitting but need to be alone to concentrate on it. This scarf is done with hand dyed yarns. I like the way both sides are different in color.