Charity Quilt tops

This was an experiment using 12 blocks with a piece of each of 12 fabrics in each one. It will go to the Clark County Quilters for their charity quilts. So will the next two. I’m back to my squares with this one.


Year in Stitch

I didn’t take the photo in the usual place and kept trying to get a better one, but have now lost patience. More stitching on it in stem stitch.

Indigo Dyeing

I had the best time this week at a friend’s house doing the indigo dyeing. I’d never done it before. These haven’t been rinsed which I’m told will lighten them but that it is best to leave them to oxidize as long as possible.

We and her art group were in her yard where the Llamas could come up to the fence to check on us. It was a hot two days but not bad there in the country and in the shade.

You should have seen me trying to string a line in the garage with the help of my German Shepherd who thought he needed to hold the line!


Wire Wrapping

My brother and a friend bought a bucket of turquoise nuggets and he sent me some. I had just been to a demo on wire wrapping and tried it out on one of them. Now I need to find a ribbon or something to hang it from.

Year in Stitch

I didn’t like the yellow green cheesecloth and removed it-some with tweezers-and put in the green. More rows of stitching started on the sequins.