A Year in Stitch

I used to teach shisha embroidery and thought that the same idea could be used with Ultrasuede circles instead of mirrors or sequins. It worked mostly because I used a Big Shot cutting tool to cut the circles.

The center is quilted using beads around the circles. The border is machine quilted.

The threads are Perle cotton, matt silk, and embroidery floss.


This is the purse/tote I made using some handles I had in stash. The pieces are marbled raw silk that I made and leftover from a skirt I sewed.


The one on the left is machine knit and reversible. The other is from yarn my friend Luvonne sent me. With not going places I’m getting a lot of scarves made for charity.

A Year in Stitch

The batik is fused to the background and then the stitching was added. The center is beaded. More of the lace from the free table at Vancouver Spinners meeting many months ago.

It is machine quilted.


I’ve been knitting a lot. It is relaxing and times are stressful. The triangle scarf was interesting to knit and easier than I thought it would be. The wool was from my stash.

The brown one is done end to end and I used yarn my friend Sue sent me. It was lovely to work with and very soft. I’d never done an end to end one before. It alternates the openwork with narrow parts.

A Year in Stitch

This is another of the appliques I did ages ago and finally stitched. The lace was on the free table at the Vancouver Spinners Meeting the last time we were able to meet in person. It is machine quilted.

Machine Knitting

Finally getting back to machine knitting and trying to relearn it. It’s amazing how fast you forget and my last German Shepherd must have thought it was a threat as he always tried to bite the carriage. My present dogs don’t seem to care.

I doing the Knit Weave function as it lays flatter and I like the fabric it makes. Each side is different but nice. The photo shows both sides and the pattern looks different on each side which is fun.

I have another started but the bad air from the forest fires meant I couldn’t get to the garage room where the machines were.