This is the scarf I just finished on the blocking board. The pattern is Field and Forest by Ilga Leja I just love her patterns and always learn something. It’s done with a variegated yarn and a solid one. The variegated really had some unusual color changes but I’m focused on using what I have here.

Stitch Book

I went with bright prints for these pages. The one on the left is a piece I found on the free table at a stitchery group that is on hold right now as we wait until it is safe to meet. I just used running stitch to follow the outlines.

The right one is indigo fabric, an ethnic print and an applique from the leftovers of another piece. Buttonhole stitch covers the edges of the applique and running stitch in the center. The thread is matt silk.

The book is from the class given by Izzy Moore


This was a small piece of felt that I made, and I forgot what I was going to do with it. I had given away all the needlecases I’d made as gifts, so that’s what I made. It’s 5 inches square and has flannel pages inside that I pinked the edges of. The stitching is Stem Stitch and Chain Stitch using Perle Cotton.


This is page 4 in my stitch book from the class given by Izzy Moore

The left side is a scrap of marbled raw silk the I just embellished with Running Stitch and Cross Stitch.

The right has a hand painted rickrack piece and covered rings in painted thread. I use Dynaflow for the painting. Running Stitch and Buttonhole Stitch that covers the ribbon are the stitches. It’s fun to use the small scraps of painted and dyed fabrics that I can’t bare to throw out. Perle cotton and matt silk are the threads.


The pattern is from an old Vogue Knitting. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the issue as I have recycled so many magazine just taking out the things I wanted and forgot to date this one.

It was a lot of fun to knit as it is all garter stitch with short rows creating the shaping. The felt flower was made by Linda McCord. The yarn is some wool I spun.

A Year in Stitch

Page 3 of the Stitch Book from the class given by Izzy Moore

The left page has sequins held in place with the beginning of a Spider Web stitch and surrounded by Chain and Buttonhole rows. French Knots create the triangular shape. The fabric is one I indigo dyed.

The right page has yoyo’s from the leftover marbled fabrics and a pieced background. The rickrack is hand painted. Running Stitch holds everything in place. French Knots attach the yoyo’s. The threads are perle cotton and matt silk.

Bead Journal Project

The cabochons were glued onto a black grosgrain ribbon that is backed with a stiff interfacint. I used back stitch and peyote stitch to surround and go over the cabochons. The beads are size 8 seed beads. The edging alternates seed beads and bugle beads. The edges of bugle beads can be sharp and cut the thread, so the seed beads are necessary to protect the thread. The closure is two snaps.

A Year in Stitch

Here is the page 2 spread of the Stitch Book Class given By Izzy Moore

The left side is Feather Stitch on a scrap of marbled raw silk using embroidery floss. When I was marbling fabric, I mad a vest from this fabric too.

The other page is painted, dyed, and commercial fabrics with Chain Stitch, Herringbone Stitch and Running Stitch. I added the ribbon on the indigo fabric for more interest. Perle cotton is the thread on this page some of which I painted.


Everyone was turning out such wonderful things on a 15 inch Rigid Heddle Loom that I had to try.

I wove a number of scarves then decided I needed to make a garment. I wove yardage and then it sat for several years as I just couldn’t make it do what I wanted. I finally made this ruana recently. What I really need to do is plan the garment first and figure out what I have to weave to get to the garment. I used to draw diagrams for a friend who was a weaver and wanted me to make a garment. Should have done that.

Stitch Book

Izzy Moore kindly posted a free class in making a stitch book. I’d taken her Swirls of Color and knew I wanted this one. Her link is I love to stitch and I love to make books.

The inside cover is painted with markers. Page l is pieced with rickrack stitched over the join using sewing thread. The yoyo’s were made from my marble rayon scraps and attached with French Knots. I used a Star Stitch to enhance the background and running stitch on the right. It’s a wonderful way to use up the scraps I can’t part with.