A Year in Stitch

My son’s Mother-in-law sent me a couple of nice wooden spools, so I just had to make another scroll. This one is 4″ across and a yard long.

The fabrics are polyesters silk and upholstery scraps and not in a color scheme I thought I would work in but sometimes the fabrics on your table make the decision for you. I’ve added old and new laces, yoyo’s, and hexagons. The buttons and charms are from my collection. The stitching is with Perle Cotton using Chain Stitch, Straight Stitch, and Running Stitch. I put a ribbon doubled through the spool for hanging.

A Year in Stitch

I painted this flower many years ago when a friend and I sat in her field with her horses and painted. I don’t remember what we used for painting but think it was thickened dye. I finally decided to make a hanging with it. It’s 18 inches square. The hand stitching is in Perle Cotton using Chain Stitch. It is machine quilted.


Another three scarves and a chemo hat knitted. Once it is safe to go places, they will go where needed.

Right now I seem to be snowed in. There is a challenging hill in and out of here.

A Year in Stitch

I had an upholstery square with these feathers on it, so I cut it up and pieced it in with denim scraps and the square upholstery scrap.

I did Boro stitching with Sashiko thread and made it into an 18″ Pillow.

Bead Journal Project

I found this cut off from some quilt top I made and decided it was interesting enough to make a small piece using the stone rings. The rings are held in place with seed beads. I used Stem Stitch to accent the center and machine quilted the black border. It’s the size of a piece of printer paper.

A Year in Stitch

This is a painted center using either a screen or stencil-don’t remember which as I just found it again. The stitching is done with perle cotton using Herringbone Stitch, Stem Stitch and Chain Stitch. It is machine quilted and is 10″ by 14″.

A Year in Stitch

This is the last page in the book with Herringbone stitch over the painted ribbon and Running stitch around the painted lace. It is followed by the beginning page that has a silk hankie as background.