A Year in Stitch

This circle has a woven spider web in the center surrounded by Buttonhole stitch, Chain Stitch and Stem stitch. I also did rows of more buttonhole stitch, Fly stitch and French Knots. The edging is Pekinese Stitch. The thread are embroidery floss and Perle cotton some of which I painted.

Art and Soul

This is the book I made in an evening class at Art and Soul in Portland. We painted the tyvek for the cover. The lovely teacher, Jacqueline Sullivan, had precut the book board which is hard to do. It’s about 4 by5 inches.

A Year in Stitch

This circle started with a whipped spider web in the center, then Chain stitch, Palestrina knot, more chain stitch, 2 rows of Buttonhole stitch, chain, Stem stitch and buttonhole stitch with French knot between the legs.

The threads are Perle cotton and Embroidery floss.


In my stash I found this blue Yukata fabric with one corner cut off-must have been when I used it in a piece for the Japanese Gardens show my group used to have every summer.

It is too nice a fabric not to create something with so I cut off another corner and inserted black strips of a size that the cut corners could be used to make a rectangle.

Next problem was what to do with the black strips that were rather stark. At the Handspinners free table(back when we were able to meet) there was this lace and it just seemed to go with the rest of the fabric. It is machine quilted and 14 by 20 inches.

A Year in Stitch

This circle is stitched in Perle Cotton, Embroidery floss, and rayon. The stitches are Buttonhole, Chain, and Palestrina Knot. The center is Needlelace.

I like to work in circles-there is something organized about them and that’s what gets said about my work. This was worked from the outside in but I find it easier to work from the center out.


The pattern is called Springtime Wrap by Diane L. Augustin and was so much fun to knit.

The stitches change type and the color change is all due to the yarn-no changing yarns with all the ends to bury. It was accurate too.

A Year in Stitch

This is a Journal quilt sized piece on cotton that I painted and using the glass blobs I can’t resist buying. The beads are size 8 and 11 seed beads using back stitch to surround the glass and randomly on the background. I used embroidery floss and running stitch to echo the shapes. It is machine quilted.


I’m back. Between a week of family business and a wonderful Art and Soul retreat in Portland, Or, I’ve not been around much.

This is a ruffled scarf knit in lace weight yarn from a pattern called Unruffled by Shelley Brander of Loops. It’s fun to knit but you start at the inner edge and double the number of stitches every 8 rows, so the last rows are seriously long.

A Year in Stitch

The new circle has the Pekinese Stitch around the outside. Just inside that is a row of Chain Stitch. The very center is French Knots and then Woven Spider web. The web is overlaid with Fly stitch in two sizes and then French Knots between the legs.

The threads are perle cotton and embroidery floss. I painted the embroidery floss thread for the larger Fly Stitch with Dynaflow paints.