For the first time I went to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby, Oregon. It was worth the l hour drive to get there. I have never seen so many vendors at any show and obviously helped them make their sales for the day.

There were also displays of hand crafts and a juried section. People were demonstrating as well.

This stash will keep me spinning for a while. It’s supposed to be the best show in the area and was so much fun. Clouds in the morning to keep it cool and beautiful sun in the afternoon. I’ll definitely go next year.


Mixed Media

This is a 2 page spread I did for a Mixed Media class at  It uses stenciling and stamping and was fun to do and try out new Distress Inks and rubber stamps.

The page below is from my bug book and is just stamped. I love bugs. They are so varied and colorful.mixed-media-1



This is the latest shawl done with the ball of yarn that is dyed in a gradient. from orange to green. I did find out an important thing. Since a garter stitch row was to divide the color changes, I should have picked a color combination that had a more definite division between the colors. I had trouble seeing where they change.



Another scarf done with three types of yarns. I just knit until one runs out and that determines the length of the scarf. They are done on size 10 needles with bulky yarns and work up quickly.


Bead Journal Project

September is a larger pin 2 3/4 by 2 1/4 inches. The beads are all seed beads-the kind I like to use best-in sizes 8m 10, and 11. I loved the pattern in the glass cabochon.



Another scarf finished using 3 yarns from my stash. Now I need to find a place to donate them, although one went home with a friend when I hosted quilt group.

Blue felt flowers


I used a variegated roving to felt the background for the Journal Quilt then applied wool felt circles and leaf shapes. They are embellished with Fly stitch, Chain stitch, Buttonhole stitch and a double cross stitch in the flower centers. The buttons are Mother of pearl. It is machine quilted.