I went to a trunk show at Blizzard Yarn and Fiber-a wonderful shop in Vancouver-and fell in love with the red yarns-one more or less solid and the companion one variegated.

This is the shawl I knitted from them.


Year in Stitch

These are the next two motifs. The upper one I decided to do with random stitch lengths but don’t like it as well as the balanced stitches-good place to learn those things. It is long stemmed French Knots, Chain stitch, regular French Knots, and straight stitch.

The lower motif starts with a Lazy Daisy flower with a French Knot center followed by Buttonhole stitch, Fly stitch, Straight stitch and more French knots.

The threads are a mix of Perle cotton and matt silk.


Bead Journal Project

This postcard sized piece I call Fire. I spent a lot of time nursing the wood stove this winter-glad I have it.

The fabric is a hand dye; the beads sizes 8 amd 10 plus the larger focal beads. The edging is picot stitch.


Year in Stitch

The next motif started with a shisha using a sequin. It is surrounded by cretan stitch and French Knots. I used embroidery floss, perle cotton and a heavier cotton that was in my stash and not labeled.

This has been a relaxing project.


A year in Stitch

I decided to start with the lace medallion that I had painted and embellish it. Lots of French Knots and straight stitch with Back Stitch along the center circle and around each scallop to hold the lace in place. I used matt silk and Perle cotton.

Painting threads When

When I first painted some thread, most of the color washed out. I needed to figure out how to fix that as vibrant color is my thing. I used to dye fabrics and realized that while I either washed the fabrics or used prepared for dye fabrics, I wasn’t doing that with the threads.

Even though paint sits on the surface, I thought the answer might be to wash the threads first. I hank the thread, tie it like you see the yarn tied, so it doesn’t knot up and become a mess. In a bowl I put a little mild soap and gently swish the thread around. I rinse it the same way and pat it to get part of the water out.

I like to paint wet thread as the paint moves more and creates nicer colorations. I hope that helps anyone diving into painting instead of dyeing.