Bead Journal Project

Many years ago while visiting my son and his wife when they lived in Quincy, Il. I found a real treasure in an antique store. A box of vintage beads and braids for a ridiculously low price and couldn’t leave them behind. I’ve been using them off and on for years and still have lots.

They do have sharp edges in parts of the glass. Remember, if you want to buff or file off sharp edges on glass, do it with the glass under water in a bowl you are not going to use for food anymore.

All the beads are attached with a straight stitch with seed beads protecting the thread from any sharp places left on the vintage beads.



This shawl is done in the Brioche shawl with the green showing on one side and the yellow on the other. It became quite large and is great to wrap up in when I knit in the evenings. It’s wool and nice and warm.

I’ve been taking classes in Brioche at my closest yarn store Blizzard Yarn and Fiber and having a great time.

Year in Stitch

The next circle has a buttonhole stitch as an outline for both the large and small circles. The inner circle has it used in reverse with the legs between the outer ones. Two rows of back stitch fill in the blank area. Perle cotton thread again.

Art Quilt

I decided to use some of the ethnic textiles I’ve collected and used two on this quilted hanging. 24″ by 30″ and machine quilted.

Year in Stitch

This is the second circle on my woven fabric. All the thread is perle cotton. The stitches are buttonhole stitch, palestrina I think and a variation to cover the edge. I did a line of back stitch then Herringbone with a regular stitch into the background and looping through the back stitches on the felt.

Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

I had fun and restocked my supplies for a possible cold winter when I’ll stay home and play with the things. Liz, my weaving teacher, and I went around together in the afternoon, and she taught me so much. It really added to a great day. The weather even cooperated.