Craftsy had a Knit a long but I didn’t get on to it until later and ordered the kit, because it looked like there were things to knit that were different to me. The yarn is Cloudborn and nice.

It was fun to work one side while holding the other and then work the other side-hadn’t done that before.


A Year in Stitch

This is the third section of the silk scarf that became plastic. Now to make a wall hanging.

Bead Journal Project

I had a piece of this obi fabric left after making and selling a vest and decided it needed to be beaded. The beads are size 11 seed beads and it is machine quilted.

Year in Stitch

I painted a silk scarf and let it dry on plastic. A big mistake as the back became plasticized and not wearable as a scarf. It sat around for a while.

Finally I cut it in pieces that had somewhat of a design and am now stitching it.