Wall Hanging

Quite a while ago I demonstrated how to attach a glass blob to fabric-glue and then bead a cage around it to hold it in place. I used seed beads in sizes 8 and 11. They are definitely my favorite types of beads to work with.

I finally managed to get back to it and create a small wall hanging. It is machine quilted and I felt it needed the chain stitch with blue Perle Cotton along the inner edge of the binding to tie the colors together. It’s 12″ square.



Another scarf finished. They make good evening projects when I’m not at my best-definitely a morning person. The Clark County Quilt Guild has a drive to gather socks and underwear for Safe House and will take scarves and other things too, so that’s where I’ll bring them. I think people who are having a hard time need bright and cheerful things. I have been lucky in life and need to pass it on.

I did find another tree down beyond the greenhouse. It took out a section of fence around the garden but fixing it can wait for spring. Nothing is growing now.


Just a quick note. We made it through the storm just fine. One tree came down but didn’t even block the road or hit anything. If something came down in the woods, that’s fine. The storm stayed further off the coast than predicted. Power just blipped once-just enough to have to reset everything, but I’m not complaining.


Mixed Media

I had painted, cut and folded pages left from an Art and Soul class years ago and decided to make mini books from them. I used the beads that were in the bead soup I keep on my working table(formerly the dining room table) in case I need a random bead.

They are 3 by 4 inches and will make fun gifts. It pays to keep everything. Sooner or later I find a use for them. They also make a good starting point when I’m not feeling creative.

I’m in the NW US and getting as much done before the second Pacific storm that’s supposed to be even worse than yesterday’s and cause power outages. I’ve washed up everything, filled containers with water, Put all loose things in the barn, have candles, wood for the wood stove, and have flash lights.


Bead Journal Project

October and fall colors are what I wanted to use for this pin for the Bead Journal Project. The pin is 2″ by 2 1/4″ and is made with seed beads in sizes 8 and 11. The stitches are back stitch with the edge done in picot stitch. on the last row I filled in the spaces of the picot edge.


Charity Quilt top

I have some curtain samples from an interior designer and decided to put them to good use. I found 4 solids in my stash that went with them and made this top. It really needed the borders to contain it.

In the Clark County Quilters, charity quilts are being made all the time. I like to piece the tops but don’t enjoy quilting large quilts, so that’s what I bring. Some long arm quilters do the quilting, and other people like to do bindings. It’s a perfect solution to doing what you like and skipping the parts you don’t. The next one is on my design wall waiting to be sewn.



I spent the last two days ice dyeing with two friends. I think it’s the answer to snow dyeing when snow is not a normal part of our weather.

Fabric is treated with soda ash, put on a screen, covered with ice cubes, then Procion dye is sprinkled on top. The hard part is waiting for the ice to melt. Today we were able to wash, dry and iron the fabrics to see what we had dyed.You can see my results hanging from my second story railing. Too much