Charity Quilt

Since I can’t sleep in this heat even with the AC on, I started a couple of more charity quilt tops. May as well accomplish something.

Year in Stitch

Perle Cotton and embroidery floss makes up this motif using Fly Stitch-I love fly stitch-Buttonhole stitch, French knots and long stemmed French knots. The circle is 2″.

Bead Journal Project

This month I tried to follow the lines in the glass cabochon using seed beads in sizes 8 and 11 and back stitch. The edging is picot stitch in seed beads of sizes 8 and 11.

Year in Stitch

I put a large sequin in the center held in place with weaving and surrounded by stem stitch in the same perle cotton. Chain stitch in embroidery floss is next and gives me spacing for the rows of Fly stitch done in perle cotton and a rayon. The French Knots embellish the last row of fly stitch.

Art and Soul

I finished the Woven quilt from Ruth Chandler’s class at Art and Soul in Portland this spring. I started with the marbled fabrics from my marbling days and added the silk strips from Ruth’s supply. Braids, ribbons, sequins and charms decorate it plus hand stitching.

I like to get the kit for classes to be sure I have the right things. My stash certainly would have everything but it never fails–I bring the wrong things!

Year in Stitch

Besides using circles, I’m repeating the petal shape. These are done in perle cotton-my favorite thread. I used stem stitch, Herringbone and chain stitch.


This shawl was knit using one of those balls of yarn that changes color as you knit. It’s great fun and keeps you entertained.