Circle Design

This is the latest circle design stitched using the circle class design as inspiration. I do like doing these. I used Perle Cotton thread and Buttonhole and Herringbone Stitches.



Here’s the second scarf done with three yarns. The edge view shows how the yarn is carried up the edge. The yarns were thinner on this one but I still used the large needles-more fun to knit with.



This was a free pattern from one of the online companies-can’t remember which-if you bought the yarn. I couldn’t resist. It was a challenge as each clam shell shape is made and then the next is started by picking up stitches from the previous shells or casting on half the stitches for the end ones and picking up the other half. Lots of ends to deal with, but I love the shawl. This one I’ll keep.


Below is the front.Clam back

Bl wool circle desig 8


I stitched another circle design from my circle design sketchbook.  The thread is Perle Cotton in sizes 5 and 8. That is my favorite thread. It is easy to use, comes in a number of thicknesses and lots of colors. The stitches are Chain stitch, Back stitch, Straight stitch, and some straight stitch couched because it was too long a stitch not to tack it in place.

I keep being challenged to decide what to use where color and stitch wise but have found that the designs have turned out just fine.

Yarn room 2


My new studio space is taking shape. I thought I had all the yarn sorted but in going through a storage closet, I found another box! How did I end up with so much yarn? Why am I still buying more? I think I’m addicted.

Here is the other side plus the backside of my smaller dog Billy. The knitting machine work much better here. There is lots of room and good light. There are outside doors at both ends, so the dogs can keep an eye on the yard and the front porch.Yarn room 1

BJP 8 2016


This is the August pin for the Bead Journal Project. The pin is 1 1/2″ by 2″ for the main part and the fringe adds an 1 1/2″ to the bottom. I love using the glass pieces and deciding how they want to be beaded. I used seed beads in sizes 8, 10, and 11 plus the drops. It’s worked in Back Stitch.