Fabric Books

I’m in a Facebook group on Fabric books but haven’t posted in a long time. The Circles are stitched from designs in my circle sketchbook and done with basic stitches using Perle Cotton, Embroidery Floss, and Matt Silk.

It was a while before I could figure out how to join the pages. Some of my experiments were not working. The large black beads put between the pages using waxed linen thread seem to have done the trick. The pages turn so you can see the work.


Year in Stitch

I’ve added beads because the piece wanted them.


The variegated yarn adds interest to this collar. It is knitted in diamonds with the next one using stitches picked up from the other diamond. A border and neckband is also added.

A Year in Stitch

I’m adding rows of stitch alternating Chain Stitch and Stem stitch with my hand painted threads. Perle Cotton and rayon are the threads using the rayon which is finer on the smaller petals.


This mitred vest was fun to knit but I’m not sure if I like the way the colors came out. It was a variegated yarn from my stash. It will be warm this winter.

A Year in Stitch

The next project is stitching on black wool. I love to stitch on wool and back it with an iron on stretch interfacing for support. I also use my scrap mail to cut shapes and arrange them until I find a design that will work for a piece. It’s freeing to use what is basically junk.

The petal shapes are stitched in Chain stitch using Perle cotton that I painted and for the smaller petals rayon thread that I painted.


This pattern intrigued me so much I bought the kit. It was fun to knit but took serious blocking to straighten the ribbed sections. The yarn is Cloudborn.